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Όροι και προϋποθέσεις

Terms and Conditions

A. Introductory provisions

These business conditions apply to all purchases from the Internet store Europosters.gr. These detailed conditions outline and specify the rights and responsibilities of the seller, Europosters, s.r.o., registered office Hlavní 4, Štěchovice, the Czech Republic, postcode: 252 07, registration No. CZ-05040418, (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”) and the purchaser (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”).


B. Order and purchase contract

All orders submitted via the Europosters.co.uk and Europosters.eu Internet store are binding. By submitting an order, the Purchaser confirms that he or she is familiar and fully agrees with the following sale conditions including the purchase rules and purchase procedure. All prices indicated on the Europosters.gr pages include VAT.

An order from the Customer is a draft of a purchase contract. A purchase contract comes into effect in the moment of the reception of the goods by the Purchaser.

The Seller confirms all accepted orders immediately by e-mail. The Seller confirms all changes of order status (payment accepted, order shipped etc.) immediately by e-mail.

The Internet store Europosters.gr includes all necessary information necessary for conclusion of a contract within the meaning of general, as well as substantial particulars of a purchase contract as specified by the Civil Code. The contract will always contain the name of the product, the product characteristics and its price.

A condition of validity of an electronic order is the completion of all data and necessary information prescribed in order forms.

The place of delivery is the address stated by the Purchaser in the registration form.

The ownership rights to the goods pass to the Purchaser in the moment of the reception of the goods under the condition that the goods are paid for.

By completing the registration form or the binding order on the Europosters.co.uk and Europosters.eu Internet store, the Purchaser gives the Seller his or her approval to collecting and archiving the Purchaser’s personal data and purchase orders.


C. Claims

Any and all claims will be handled in accordance with the valid legal order of the Czech Republic.


D. The Seller’s rights and responsibilities

The Seller must process all binding orders, ship the goods ordered and deliver it to the Purchaser’s address within the term announced by the Seller to the Purchaser on order confirmation. The Purchaser will receive a tax document with the received goods.

All personal information provided during the registration process is confidential – see the Protection of Personal Data section.

The Seller is obliged to delete the registered Customer from the database if requested to do so in writing by the Customer.

The Seller has the right to refuse an order, if the Purchaser failed to fulfill his or her obligation to take possession of the goods or to pay the purchase price.

The Seller has the right to withdraw from a purchase contract (a binding order) in the event that performance of the order becomes impossible, unless new performance is agreed with the Purchaser. In case of an advance payment (via bank transfer) for the goods is made by the Purchaser and he or she withdraws from the contract for the reason stated above, the Seller will refund the purchaser the whole amount paid no later than 15 (fifteen) days after delivering a written notice of withdrawal from the contract.


E. Rights and responsibilities of the purchaser

The Purchaser must state the correct and full postal address where the goods are to be delivered.

The Purchaser must accept the goods ordered and pay the full price. The full price is indicated to the Customer during completion of the order and before its binding confirmation.

The Purchaser has the right to have all his or her personal data deleted from the database if he or she asks for it in writing. The Seller hereby undertakes to delete all Purchaser’s data from the database not later than 3 (three) days after the delivery of the request.

The Purchaser has the right to withdraw from the contract within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the goods. The withdrawal from the contract must be delivered by a registered letter sent by the Purchaser to BKS Decor, s.r.o. Hlavní 4, Postcode: 252 07, Czech Republic. The letter must contain the Purchaser’s i­dentification, the goods concerning  the withdrawal and the account where the purchase price is to be refunded. This must also be autographed and delivered to the Seller within the above mentioned 30 day period together with the goods. The goods must be undamaged, without any signs of use or wear and tear and in the original intact packaging. The returned shipping costs is paid by the Consumer. When the preceding conditions are met, the Seller will refund the purchase price to the Customer by a bank transfer order.


F. Closing provisions

These business conditions apply in the wording stated on the web pages of the Seller on the day of the electronic order submitted by the Purchaser.

By submitting the electronic order, the Purchaser accepts all provisions of the sales conditions in the wording valid on the day of submission of the order as well as the valid price of the goods ordered indicated in the catalogue of the Europosters.gr Internet store, unless provably agreed otherwise. The prices of goods listed in the catalogue of the Europosters.gr Internet store are only valid until the prices are changed; orders sent after modification of prices are subject to the new price.


These conditions become valid on January 1, 2011.

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